Become a Maker

I have been watching a bunch of Maker videos. This has got me all excited to start making my own maker video's now. But I always end up in the same place. What should I be making? I am a decent carpenter, repairman, leather worker, potter, gardener, artist, writer, film director, really a kind of renaissance man of sorts. I have a lot of interests that don't necessarily have anything to do with my day job. I think everyone who has a serious hobby wonders, "What if I could do this for a living, how great would that be?" I have wondered the same thing myself. "What if I could make a meager living doing what I love?" The biggest issue for me is really nailing that down to one thing. Maybe I am over thinking it? This is what I know for sure. There are some amazing inspirations out there.

Alec Steele 45,000+ subscribers

One of my favorite Makers right now is Alec Steele. He's a blacksmith from Norwich, United Kingdom. His videos are addictive to watch, not only because the editing style and tone truly fit what he is doing, but the things he makes are so awesome to see come together. He has an interesting back story as a regular kid interested in a very specific art form.

Who in the hell will care about this?

He tells people how to start a business like his, and how he learned from his own misfortunes and poor planning. Super brave and amazingly enlightening for his viewers. He has a video series about him moving into a new shop, which I'm sure as he was doing the video he felt a little silly like "Who in the hell will care about this?" Well, sir, it made my day! I love seeing people's shops, studios, offices, complexes, dungeons whatever. These are the places the work gets done, "the sacred temples of imagination.

I love people who are passionate about what they do! This guy is super passionate, so much so that he encourages his viewers to get out there and make something! This is awesome. If you know me at all, I am a huge cheerleader for people. I want you to go do what you want to do no matter what! If you are unhappy with your situation, change it! Alec Steele has the same mentality about business and entrepreneurship. He wants people to succeed despite himself. Super selfless people are rare and an absolute pleasure to watch, listen to and connect with.

NYC CNC - 154,000 + Subscribers

Another great story of doing what you love! Better than that, though, a great story about doing one thing that was expected, having an idea, and switching gears mid-career to something that you are totally in love with! John Saunders is my hero when it comes to leaving certainty and following your heart. Beating the fear and pushing forward with all your might. So good.

He also has shop tour videos... I'm a sucker

His videos are very inspirational but also super educational about machining and the pains of starting a business. He also has shop tour videos... I'm a sucker. He goes over different technical things to look for in machining and how to operate a machine in some videos then talks about designing parts in another.

I first got onto his channel by looking for a CNC routing table at home. He shows step by step how to build your own CNC table and the basics of operating it. Amazing. Just a great story from a dude with no experience in machining who goes out buys an end mill and dives straight in!

Joe Robinet - 185,000+ Subscribers

He is the purest type of Maker.

This dude. Wow. What a great channel! He's not so much of a Maker as he's a survivalist/primitive camper. He reviews equipment as well as gives direction on how to build shelters and gathering techniques. If you love watching nature shows, this channel will blow your mind. Think of Alone in the Wilderness with Dick Proenneke. This is what you will get. He doubles trips by placing a camera, recording himself walking away, then comes back and retrieves the camera. Amazing work!

He is the purest type of Maker. One who makes things to survive. One who studies and practices bushcraft. How to build a fire more efficiently, etc. Just amazing. He also encourages people to go out and explore their world and go to the places he goes.

One of my favorite video's is one where he is on a trip with his wife. It hits home to me and, I'm sure, a lot of other married viewers trying to convince their partners to go exploring with them. How do we reassure them it will be fun, and more importantly where should we take them?

So there it is. Three super inspirations on what to do. Now what? Well, I can tell you one thing. I'm more ready than ever to start making!